RS Architektura Krajobrazu is a design studio with broad expertise and international experience, operating in the market since 1996. Our portfolio includes multidisciplinary projects for land development and landscape architecture, ranging from large multifunctional complexes to individual structures. We design everything from large-scale urban spaces such as the Vistula Boulevards or the revitalization of Chmielna and Złota streets in the center of Warsaw, to small projects like custom-designed playgrounds and greenery in interiors, as well as individually crafted furniture and small architectural elements. We collaborate with many architectural studios, often from the preliminary concept stage, contributing to the co-creation of the image and identity of projects, with landscape architecture becoming an integral part of the architectural design.

In our projects, we create functional, attractive, safe, and unique spaces, tailored to the needs of users. We also strive for a comprehensive consideration of natural aspects specific to each location, including solutions related to proper management of rainwater, soil, and existing greenery, ensuring that the final solutions align with the principles of sustainable development.

We are aware of the significant challenge involved in designing spaces, that are part of the landscape in which we currently live and where future generations will reside. The creativity of our team, combined with full, multifaceted responsibility for the projects we create, enables us to meet the challenges of shaping public spaces, the environment of modern architecture and the revitalization of historical settings. As a result, our work is well-regarded, and the RS Architektura Krajobrazu team has been honored with numerous prestigious industry awards and distinctions.


Dorota Rudawa
landscape architect-owner

Patryk Zaręba
landscape architect-partner
Małgorzata Rudawa
office manager, HR
Agnieszka Gasparska
landscape architect-partner
Anna Wiechetek
landscape architect-partner
Anna Giaro
landscape architect
Monika Marzuchowska
landscape architect
Anna Arechwa
graphic specialist
Ela Rożek
landscape architect
Agata Proshkuratova
landscape architect
Joanna Gryszczuk
landscape architect